Relationships – Does Dinning Alone Make You a Big Dummy?



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Relationships – Does Dinning Alone Make You a Big Dummy? “Madi Brown, table for one please.” As a single, would you say that it is embarrassing to eat alone? I mean, does it equate to you being some kind of non-dateable reject who couldn’t score a date with an At-A-Glance calendar? Madi Brown doesn’t think so. Surely you are capable of making lingering eye contact, engaging in stimulating conversation, and having someone else pick up the tab. Surely you are worthy of being one of those people in the restaurant  who others look at and think, Wow, it sure looks like they’re having a good time. I wish that I was at that table.   Let’s face the facts,  lots of dates are mostly trumped-up by artificial means in the name of  BLAME-IT-ON-THE-ALCOHOL. “Now who wants more wine? Meeeeeeee, I do! I do!”  And there it is. All  relationships are not all healthy. Let me repeat that. All relationships are not healthy. Once more for those of you with a short attention span. All relationships are not healthy. I said it, so call your lawyer and sue me. Tell your lawyer that Madi Brown sent you. Tell your lawyer that he probably needs to visit this Love Blog to sift through and resolve his/her own relationship issues.


But let’s re-think this as I dish out another helping of Madi Brown’s relationship advice. That’s why you’re here right? For Relationship tips? Let this sink into your cerebrum. You are worthy. You are so worthy. It’s not Wayne’s World. It’s really yours. You can date, or not date. You can make reservations and bring along a newspaper, a Sudoku book, or your cell phone. Or, you can stare at all of the paired off patrons in the restaurant like they are the crazy ones for needing dinner companions just for food consumption. Sometimes, those are the relationship losers, the lost lonely ones. It’s those same homosapiens who are afraid to be alone with themselves. Here’s a relationship question that will totally have you scratching your head  all of my readers. How do you expect anyone to be attracted to you if you can’t stand being around YOURSELF for any stretch of time? transform the inner you, and measure the results. In the mean time, here’s a little tough girl style for your solo date. You should be FALLing for yourself at any time of the year….





2 thoughts on “Relationships – Does Dinning Alone Make You a Big Dummy?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Blitz. It sure was a fun experience. I had to laugh at the picture of the woman with the X on her breast…reminded me of my mamogram. I always forget to take the sticky targets off my nipples and usually find them the next day when I go to take a shower!

    • Jann, aka #1NANA, it was Madi Brown’s pleasure to come by your site for Blog Blitz. In fact, Madi wants to be JUST LIKE YOU when she grows up.

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