Oprah Winfrey – You Get a Wedding Dress!

"Oprah Winfrey"


So here’s the story that’s going to read more like a fairy tale. Oprah Winfrey is gracing the March 2014 cover of Essence Magazine’s collector’s issue. On it, she’s wearing a feathery, flowy, Brian Rennie for Basler couture gown. With social media being as popular as it is, it’s not a shocker that someone would make a Twitter comment on how fab O looked. Well, Brandi from the ATL tweeted about how gorgeous lady Oprah Winfrey was in the dress. She continued, asking if she could have the dress, only because she knew that Oprah probably wouldn’t wind up wearing it again. The request came off jokingly to me, namely because I know that we’ve all thought the same thing in our minds after seeing a celebrity photographed in fabulous clothing. But read on readers, read on. You won’t believe what  the style Gods did.


Exactly. I couldn’t wait to tell you, so I bolded and underlined who did what above. Yes, in this case, Oprah Winfrey is one of those style Gods. It was downright inspirational. Oprah Winfrey said yes to the dress. Oprah Winfrey said yes to the dress. Yep, Oprah Winfrey said yes to handing over that amazing dress. Oprah told Tweeting Brandi from ATL to get in contact with her assistant, and to show her their Tweet convo. Brandi did, and she got the dress!  Toot Toot. Tweet. Tweet. Yeah…..Naturally, she thanked Oprah for her generosity in a follow-up tweet, the same as any one of us would. Brandi from the ATL got herself an original dress from the Couture King himself, and she’s in good company too. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Kourtney Kardashian have worn Basler’s sought after designs.

But get this, Brandi from ATL added that she’s going to wear the dress to her wedding—-just as soon as she finds herself a groom(which will be soon). Somebody ask Nene Leakes to PLONK this woman in the head with a hammer until she sees several shooting stars. What a sad ending to what should-be such an Oprah Winfrey doesn’t-only-gift-her-celebrity-friends-with-wonderful-things inspirational story. It isn’t as if Brandi from the ATL has just any old dress, one that she’s trying to repurpose. What if ATL Brandi NEVER marries? Does that mean that the beautiful gown designed by “King Couture” himself won’t ever get worn again? I say GTFOH with that. What do you say women?

Wait for your wedding day, or invent an occasion and do it with celebrity style?

Madi Brown would throw herself a party and crown herself the reigning queen. My invites would have the tweet conversation, you know, the one with Oprah Winfrey, and I’d make a toast to her with my lemon drop drink in my hand. Oprah Winfrey approved. Somebody send Email to Oprah Winfrey. Tell her to ask for her Basler dress back and request that she send it express to Madibrown.com. I promise you that it won’t be boxed up in a corner collecting dust somewhere… For those of you who out there who are really shopping for wedding dresses. Here you go. Madi Brown is still filled with inspirational goodness. #inspirational. You can tweet that.




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